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Current Research

We currently are looking for participants for 3 different studies.

Here are each of the studies you could be involved in. To get more information and potentially participate, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Contacting us does not mean you are obligated to participate in any studies. If you do enroll, you can stop participating at any time. You will receive more information about the potential benefits and risks, as well as our privacy measures before you participate.

We're looking for first-semester, undergraduate students at Rowan University, Montclair State University, Stony Brook University, and City  University of New York to take a 2 minute survey, twice per week ("2m2x") on your smart phone throughout your first semester here. The study includes a brief screening survey and pre- and post-questionnaires, for a total of 2.5 - 3 hours for full participation.

You will receive up to $75 in gift codes for your time.

No in-person contact required.

To participate in any of these studies, please contact us

Please complete and submit the form below and a member of our research team will get back to you. 
Your message might include something like "I'm __ years old, and I would like to be a participant in your research. Can you please (email/call) me?"

Thanks for submitting!

"2m2x" College Health Study

Roundabout Minds Project

Individuals aged 18-45 are invited to participate in a study of thinking styles, feelings, and health. The study includes questionnaires, interviews, and looking at pictures on a computer screen.


You may be eligible if you:

• Are (or think you are) on the an autism spectrum
and / or

• Have current depression


• Have never had depression or ASD

This study can be completed in about 3 hours online or by phone, plus 3 hours visiting our lab (with social distancing guidelines).

For full participation, you will receive a $100 Amazon gift card,

a T-shirt, and selected assessment results.

This study also provides a free research assessment for eligible adults who believe they might qualify for a first-time autism diagnosis.


To participate in this study, please fill out the screener survey here. Someone will then contact you to let you know if you're eligible.

Computer desktop

Tracking the Blues
in Minimally Verbal
Autistic Adults

This study will explore how caregiver-rated depressive symptoms relate to pupil responses to sad faces in autistic adults with limited or no spoken language. The purpose of this study is to contribute both a direct means to index depressed mood in minimally verbal autistic (MVA) adults, as well as to potentially validate caregiver reports of depressive symptoms for autistic adults with limited or no spoken language

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