Lab Alumni

Sarah, a light-skinned woman, smiling while sitting in a car. Excited undergraduate student comes back from a successful interview for an internship.

Sarah Transue

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sarah graduated in December 2020. She majored in psychology and minored in neuroscience at Rowan University. She is now providing behavioral health services through the Bancroft system, and plans on going to graduate school for a master’s degree in mental health counseling, specializing in marriage and family therapy. She enjoys reading novels by Dan Brown, cardiovascular exercise, and watching The Office. 

A young white woman with long brown hair, standing and smiling.

Megan Mason

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Megan joined SEAHL in February 2020 and graduated from Rowan University with her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology in May 2021. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in psychology program at Rutgers - Camden, where she will have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on basic and applied research. Megan is interested in studying the relationships between psychosocial factors and adjustment to chronic health conditions during her graduate training, and currently plans to pursue a graduate degree in clinical psychology in the future. In her free time, Megan enjoys spending time with friends and family and shopping with her twin sister. 

Face of a white woman with trees in the background.

Dr. Samantha Mattheiss

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Inspired by her experiences living and teaching in distressed communities, Samantha received a doctorate in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience from Rutgers University – Newark. Her research interests include examining the physiological underpinnings of individual differences in cognitive-affective processing; and investigating the benefits of intrinsic rewards for individuals with divergent reward processing. She is passionate about translating research into interventions at both the individual and community level. Samantha joined SEAHL until summer 2020, and is now continuing her work as an Assistant Professor at Felician University. In her free time, she enjoys exploring nature and doing science experiments with her children.